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Valuable Technologies Inc. (VTI) powered by moviebeam offers a low-cost on-demand high definition VOD service for the US Hospitality sector to enhance the entertainment options available to their guests.

Initially founded by Disney, moviebeam was repurposed for digital delivery of content to consumer homes and to hotels.

There are about 4.9 million room nights available in the US market [AH&LA], of which about 2 million lack any sort of in-room entertainment service especially in the small and medium segments of the industry.Despite high occupancy levels, there is virtually no entertainment services present in these hotels. Existing service providers’ VOD solutions are highly expensive deterring small and medium hotels from opting for the service. At the same time, both business and leisure travelers visiting these small and medium hotels look forward to high quality in-room entertainment services.

moviebeam’s Store & Play High Definition VOD service with its unique business model creates a win-win situation for the hotel guests and hotel owners. Through a studio-approved platform, moviebeam is able to provide a low-cost, scalable solution that can support any size of hotel. VTI provides a unique business proposition to hotel owners/franchisers to generate new revenue streams and provide its guests with a rich interactive entertainment solution which is on a Free-To-Guest (FTG) basis.